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Next to "Drake ID" enter your nine digit ID number (no spaces or hyphens) as found on your Drake ID card. Next to "Drake Password" enter the password you have defined for use with blueView, email and other Drake systems. Your Drake password is initially set to your birthdate in MMDDYY format. Please go to the Change Your Drake Password site to change your Drake password. Also note that ALL MyDUSIS function is available via the MyDUSIS channel on the blueView home tab and is single signon. You may access blueView at blueview.drake.edu using the same login id and Drake password.

Past students please note: If you are not a currently registered student you may no longer have access to MyDUSIS if you have not been registered for a class within two years of the current term. You will need to call the Office of Student Records at 515-271-3901 to get your student related information.

If you need assistance with logging into MyDUSIS, please contact the HelpDesk at 515-271-3001 or, if you are on campus, call extension 3001.

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